Hallett Autobody is Omaha’s premier state of the art collision center.

Hallett Autobody is your one-stop shop for all Collision related Mechanical repairs. Our team is continually trained to handle anything from radiators to A/C condenser replacement to lower control arms and steering linkages and alignments. And all work comes with a written warranty.

Mechanical Repair Service at Hallett Auto Body caters the mechanical repairs and maintenance department of the vehicles. Our mechanical technicians are certified and qualified, and we make sure to have all the latest tools and expertise to handle your vehicles with the best care. We strive to provide you the best mechanical repair service in all of Omaha.

The goal of this service is to help you maintain the quality of your vehicle at its best, regardless of the make and model of the vehicle. We can provide repair service for all kinds of vehicles. Hallett Autobody covers all kinds of mechanical repairs for your vehicle ranging from an oil change to full engine repair and replacement. We make sure that once getting service from our workshop, your vehicle stays on the road for a long period of time. We complete the required work on your vehicle in record timing as per the deadline and our services are available to you at very affordable prices. We do not only work on cars, but we work with our clients and strive to develop long-lasting relationships with them, built on mutual trust and respect.

Mechanical Repair is very important for your car, whether it has been in an accident or there is just simply a strange noise coming out. Even if everything looks perfectly fine, it is a good practice to get the mechanics of your vehicle checked regularly. Our expert team members specialize in all aspect of car maintenance and repair and will thoroughly inspect everything to make sure there are no anomalies in the car that can lead to serious damage. Some of the services that we offer are

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance is the maintenance measure performed on your vehicle on regular basis to make sure that it does not have any anomalies, and if there is anything that needs looking after it is looked after immediately. With Hallett Auto Body, you can book an appointment anytime to get your car thoroughly inspected.

Oil changing and Lubrication

Continuous oil change and lubrication are advised to keep your vehicle running smoothly and ensure that the engine is in its optimal condition. We perform the task for you whenever you bring in your vehicle for an appointment, after your consent.

Brake Service, Repair, and Installation

Brakes are a very important feature of any vehicle and it is very important to keep them in their optimal conditions to avoid accidents. Failure of brakes can be fatal, so it is important to get them serviced regularly and repaired if they need repairing.

Electrical Repairs and Diagnosis

The electrical system of your vehicle is another fundamental feature, it gives power to many parts such as alternator, starter, and battery. Whenever you hear any strange sound such as grinding, clicking, etc. it is time to book an appointment with us.

Coolant Flushes and Service

Ever experienced that extreme frustration of helplessness when your car refuses to start in winter or suddenly stops and you open the hood only to be assaulted by steam rushing out. Yeah, that is what happens when you do not get your coolant checked at a regular basis and it starts to misbehave. Thankfully, Hallett Auto Body is here to help you maintain your coolant in prime condition.

Tune Ups

Regular engine tune-ups help you to maintain the horsepower and efficient running of your car. At Hallett Auto Body, we perform a complete inspection of your engine and determine if anything needs looking after. Should there be an anomaly, our expert technicians tackle it immediately.