Hallett’s offers detail options now, whether you need a full detail bringing your car back to life, or just A wash and vacuum to maintain some order. Also we offer paintless dent repair and touch up to spruce up the vehicle to what it once was.


$ 150.00

*Standard service included in all vehicle repairs
  • Soap and Rinse of Engine Compartment’s Exterior to keep your engine primed and in optimal condition.
  • Rinse and shine for your tires, making them look brand new.
  • Interior of your vehicle will get vacuumed and completely wiped down.
  • Windows of the vehicle will also be cleaned and primed.

Complete Detail

$ 200.00

*Additional $ 50 for Full Sized SUVs and Trucks
  • Exterior of the vehicle is washed and rinsed
  • The exterior of the engine compartment will be soaped and rinsed.
  • Engine bay will be soaped and rinsed.
  • Tires will be shined, and the dressing of the wheels cleaned.
  • Car seat covers, carpets, and floor mats will be shampooed.
  • Door jams will be washed and dried.
  • Windows will be completely cleaned and shined.
  • Interior of the car will be vacuumed and wiped, and the dressings will be trimmed.

Buff and Polish

$ 350.00

*Additional $ 50 for All Black Vehicles
  • Light exterior scratches will be treated.
  • Completely buffing of your vehicle along with polishing.
  • The exterior of the vehicle will be soaped and rinsed.
  • Wheel cleaning and tire shine.
  • This does not include any interior detailing.